• The District of Fürstenfeldbruck Nature History Culture

  • Der Landkreis Fürstenfeldbruck. Natur – Geschichte – Kultur”
    (“The District of Fürstenfeldbruck. Nature – History – Culture”)

    Published by Pro­fes­sor Hejo Bus­ley, Toni Drex­ler, Dr. Carl  A. Hoff­mann, Dr. Paul- E. Salz­mann and Pro­fes­sor Klaus Wol­len­berg on behalf of Fürs­ten­feld­bruck dis­trict office in 1992.
    720 pages with num­e­rous pic­tures part­ly colo­red. ISBN 3−9803189−0−7. The 720-page book is divi­ded into two major parts, a historic-scientific part and a part about the muni­ci­pa­li­ty. The first part of the book descri­bes the histo­ry of the dis­trict from pre- and ear­ly histo­ry to medi­ae­val times and ear­ly modern age up to the pre­sent day. In addi­ti­on, issues such as geo­gra­phy, bio­lo­gy, agri­cul­tu­re, forestry, church, art and cul­tu­re are cover­ed. In the second part, the deve­lo­p­ment of the muni­ci­pa­li­ties is presented.

    The book is enli­vened, sup­ple­men­ted and illus­tra­ted by exten­si­ve part­ly colo­red illus­tra­ti­ons, maps and graphics.

    By Klaus Wol­len­berg: Der Flie­ger­horst Fürs­ten­feld­bruck in der Zeit des Drit­ten Reichs (1934−1945) (Fürs­ten­feld­bruck Air Base during the Nazi Era (1934−1945)), pages 245–248; Der Flie­ger­horst in ame­ri­ka­ni­scher Hand (1945−1956 and 57) (The Air Base in Ame­ri­can Hands (1945−1956 and 57)), pages 277–278; Das Kriegs­ge­fan­ge­nen­la­ger Emme­ring bzw. Fürs­ten­feld am Flie­ger­horst (1945−1946) (The Pri­soner of War Camp in Emme­ring and/or at Fürs­ten­feld at the Air Base (1945−1946)) pages 283–287; Der Flie­ger­horst in der neu­en Deut­schen Luft­waf­fe (The Air Base within the new Ger­man Luft­waf­fe (sin­ce 1956)), pages 302–396.

    This book about the dis­trict is available in local book­shops at a pri­ce of € 15.00

    Cont­act: kultur@lra-ffb.de