July 2016: Town Council Unanimously Decides to Adopt New By-laws Regarding Pre-emptive Right

As ear­ly as in 2011, the town coun­cil deci­ded to adopt new pre-emptive right sta­tu­tes for the air base.

Based on this, the muni­ci­pa­li­ty estab­lished a spe­ci­fic right of pre-emption pur­su­ant to § 25 Fede­ral Buil­ding Code (BauGB), which pre­vents pro­per­ties from being sold if the sale is in con­flict with the municipality’s aim to fur­ther urban development.

The by-laws were exten­ded to include a few plots of land in the vici­ni­ty of the shoo­ting ran­ge and at the air base.

The newly-added are­as next to the shoo­ting ran­ge are inten­ded to safe­guard the exis­tence of eco­lo­gi­cal com­pen­sa­ti­on are­as, which are requi­red for the imple­men­ta­ti­on of urban plan­ning in the con­ver­si­on pro­cess. And they are ele­men­ta­ry for the green belt in the north and west of the town.

Site pro­per­ties which are important for a clo­sed over­all sur­face area were added at the air base. Tiny par­cels of land were com­bi­ned to form lar­ger ones.