• 14) What are the city’s guidelines?

    Accord­ing to the city of Fürs­ten­feld­bruck, a new and attrac­ti­ve part of the city is to be crea­ted, which is ori­en­ted towards urban and inno­va­ti­ve urban struc­tures. Mixed struc­tures are also pro­vi­ded for, which allow demand-related fur­ther deve­lo­p­ment and take into account the princip­le of the “city of short distan­ces”. The exis­ting, unmistaka­ble open space […]

  • 13) What visions / opportunities do the city and the region have in relation to the area?

    For the city coun­cil and the admi­nis­tra­ti­on, the con­ver­si­on of the air base area is a uni­que task with long-term signi­fi­can­ce for the future deve­lo­p­ment of the city and the district. This inclu­des social, cul­tu­ral and spa­ti­al­ly inno­va­ti­ve oppor­tu­nities as well as eco­no­mic risk poten­ti­al. With the depar­tu­re of the Bun­des­wehr, the uni­que oppor­tu­ni­ty is […]

  • 12) What should be done with the existing buildings?

    The struc­tu­ral con­di­ti­on of the exis­ting buil­dings is very dif­fe­rent; lar­ge parts of them are clas­si­fied as his­to­ri­cal monu­ments. The urban deve­lo­p­ment poli­cy goal is to crea­te a new, con­tem­pora­ry district that offers sus­tainab­le housing accord­ing to today’s needs. To this end, selec­ted buil­dings with out­stan­ding urban plan­ning and sui­ta­ble buil­dings are to be preserved […]

  • 11) Can properties be acquired?

    In princip­le, indi­vi­du­al plots of land can be acqui­red by BImA – after deduc­tion of the Bun­des­wehr and its mili­ta­ry deva­lua­ti­on – unless other federal or sta­te aut­ho­ri­ties decla­re a need. In addi­ti­on to the city, inves­tors and pri­va­te indi­vi­du­als could also be inte­res­ted. The city has a first-time access right for appro­pria­te­ly jus­ti­fied muni­ci­pal purposes. […]

  • 10) How long will it take to build?

    In the cour­se of a trans­for­ma­ti­on of con­ver­si­on are­as, it must be cla­ri­fied befo­re­hand whe­ther con­ta­mi­na­ted sites and explo­si­ve ord­nan­ce are pre­sent, in what con­di­ti­on the roads, pipe­lines, pos­si­b­ly buil­dings, etc. are loca­ted. Exten­si­ve demo­li­ti­on, de-sealing and rede­ve­lo­p­ment mea­su­res may be necessa­ry to pre­pa­re the site for civi­li­an use. In addi­ti­on, nume­rous expert opi­ni­ons have to […]

  • 9) Can the City of Fürstenfeldbruck plan the area on its own?

    Basi­cal­ly, the city can plan the area on its own. At pre­sent, this is limi­ted by the still exis­ting dedi­ca­ti­on of the air­ba­se area as a mili­ta­ry area. The plan­ning sov­er­eig­n­ty of the city of Fürs­ten­feld­bruck the­re­fo­re only comes into effect when the area of the air base has been for­mal­ly unde­di­ca­ted to mili­ta­ry for­ces. Planning […]

  • 8) What is the role of the city?

    The city is initi­al­ly respon­si­ble for muni­ci­pal plan­ning sov­er­eig­n­ty and the deve­lo­p­ment task and thus deci­des on the future buil­ding and plan­ning law. In addi­ti­on, the city can exer­cise a cen­tral con­trol func­tion in the run-up to future deve­lo­p­ments. This inclu­des tasks such as the defi­ni­ti­on of urban deve­lo­p­ment goals and frame­work con­di­ti­ons, as well as […]

  • 7) Who owns the property?

    The area and the buil­dings are in lar­ge parts still under mili­ta­ry use by the Bun­des­wehr. Howe­ver, indi­vi­du­al buil­dings are also ren­ted to civi­li­an users. Some sports clubs from Fürs­ten­feld­bruck and the sur­roun­ding muni­ci­pa­li­ties can use the sports grounds. The mili­ta­ry release of the­se are­as is plan­ned for 2026, accord­ing to the cur­rent offi­cial announcement.

  • 6) Who is the owner?

    The pro­per­ty is owned by the Ger­man Federal Insti­tu­te for Real Esta­te Manage­ment (BImA). It is the cen­tral real esta­te ser­vice pro­vi­der of the federal government. Her focus is on real esta­te manage­ment for the majo­ri­ty of the federal government’s offi­cial real esta­te. Ano­t­her task is the sale of tho­se pro­per­ties that are no longer […]

  • 5) What is the area?

    The Fürs­ten­feld­bruck area of the air base has a total area of almost 200 hec­ta­res. That’s the equi­va­lent: around six per­cent of the ent­i­re urban area (in com­pa­ri­son: The pro­por­ti­on of con­ver­si­on are­as in Munich is 1.6 per­cent) about 280 foot­ball fiel­ds around the ent­i­re city cen­ter bet­ween Amper-Puchermühlstraße‑B 471-Dachauer Stra­ße East It can be assumed […]