18) How much living and working space should be created?

Accord­ing to the cur­rent situa­ti­on, the aim is to attract bet­ween four and five thousand inha­bi­tants wit­hin a deve­lo­p­ment peri­od of 15 to 20 years and to crea­te 1500 to 4000 jobs. For examp­le, 200 to 330 more peop­le would live in the city each year – which, with a cur­rent popu­la­ti­on of around 38,000, would mean an annu­al incre­a­se of 0.9 per­cent. At the same time, bet­ween 60 and 265 new jobs could be crea­ted – that would mean annu­al growth of up to 1.9 per­cent.

This cor­re­sponds to the basic objec­ti­ves of sta­te and regio­nal plan­ning as well as to the recom­men­da­ti­ons of the “Spa­ti­al Deve­lo­p­ment Stra­te­gy of the District” (RES).

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