5) What is the area?

The Fürs­ten­feld­bruck area of the air base has a total area of almost 200 hec­ta­res. Tha­t’s the equivalent:

  • around six per­cent of the ent­i­re urban area
    (in com­pa­ri­son: The pro­por­ti­on of con­ver­si­on are­as in Munich is 1.6 percent)
  • about 280 foot­ball fields
  • around the ent­i­re city cen­ter bet­ween Amper-Puchermühlstraße‑B 471-Dachauer Stra­ße East

It can be assu­med that about 76 hec­ta­res (39 per­cent) of this area will be avail­ab­le for deve­lo­p­ment; this cor­re­sponds to about 15 per­cent of the cur­r­ent­ly exis­ting buil­ding land in Fürstenfeldbruck.