4) Which buildings are located in the “Fursty” air base?

Today the­re are more than 200 buil­dings spread throughout the area. In the cen­tral area of the air base with its air­field, air­craft han­gars, sup­ply buil­dings, sports faci­li­ties, accom­mo­da­ti­on and trai­ning faci­li­ties, the for­mer so-called “Luft­kriegs­schu­le” and “Kilo­me­ter­bau” are the most important core ele­ments. The majo­ri­ty of this buil­ding stock from the 1930s is clas­si­fied as a lis­ted monu­ment.

Form­er­ly built by the Ame­ri­cans for their sta­tio­ned sol­di­ers and their fami­lies, the housing esta­tes in the west are loca­ted out­side the fenced-in mili­ta­ry com­pound and now house civi­li­an housing.

Wit­hin the scope of a tem­pora­ry buil­ding per­mit, BMW is using two for­mer air­craft han­gars on the nor­the­as­tern edge of the “Dri­ving Aca­de­my Mai­sach” for the “Mai­sach Dri­ving Safe­ty Centre”.

Sin­ce 2014, the government of Upper Bava­ria has been ope­ra­ting an initi­al recep­ti­on faci­li­ty for refu­gees in the buil­ding of the for­mer Luft­kriegs­schu­le, which is affi­lia­ted to the Bava­ri­an bar­racks in Munich and is the­re­fo­re refer­red to by the sta­te aut­ho­ri­ties as a “Depen­dance”.

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