• Guideline-8: Housing

  • Guideline‑8: Housing

    Well-functioning and multi-cultural neigh­bor­hoods, encoun­ters and com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on will shape the town of tomor­row. For that reason, resi­den­ti­al buil­ding are­as are to be space and resour­ce saving, cross-generational and socially-oriented. In this con­text, alter­na­ti­ve and spe­cial forms of living, spe­cial forms of housing with trend­set­ting qua­li­ty stan­dards and invest­ment models are to be pro­vi­ded as well as public housing with qua­li­ties geared to this very purpose.

    Appro­xi­m­ate­ly 4,000 to 5,000 inha­bi­tants would be reasonable, desi­ra­ble and conceivable.