• Guideline-4: Traffic and Technical Infrastructure

  • Guideline‑4: Traffic and Technical Infrastructure

    When deve­lo­ping the air base, inno­va­ti­ve and sus­tainable mobi­li­ty con­cepts within the mea­ning of urban-oriented traf­fic solu­ti­ons are to be aspi­red; regio­nal traf­fic con­texts are to be obser­ved. Effi­ci­ent local public trans­port links to urban rail net­works, sui­ta­ble and barrier-free pede­stri­an and cycling traf­fic con­nec­tions on the site its­elf as well as con­nec­tions to and from the sur­roun­ding are­as are to be provided.

    In con­side­ra­ti­on of the plan­ned uses, the infra­struc­tu­re net­works (water, sewa­ge, elec­tri­ci­ty, roads, green spaces etc.) are to be adapt­ed to gene­ral­ly appli­ca­ble requi­re­ments and con­cep­tual­ly inte­gra­ted into the exis­ting infra­struc­tu­re of the town.

    For con­ta­mi­na­ted sites, con­ta­mi­na­ti­ons, explo­si­ve ord­nan­ce etc. a com­pre­hen­si­ve hazard defen­se is to be ensu­red; sub­se­quent use is not to be obs­truc­ted, hazard poten­ti­als are to be excluded.