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Konversionsausschuss Fliegerhorst Fürstenfeldbruck

14th December 2016: Third Meeting of the Conversion Committee

Public reso­lu­ti­ons on the third public and non-public mee­ting of the Con­ver­si­ons Com­mit­tee of the City Coun­cil of Fürs­ten­feld­bruck …
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Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung der Regierung von Oberbayern Depandance Fürstenfeldbruck

September 2016: Reception Facility for Asylum-Seekers of the Regional Government of Upper Bavaria – Fürstenfeldbruck Branch

In Sep­tem­ber 2014, the Regio­nal Government of Upper Bava­ria set up a branch of the Munich initi­al recep­ti­on faci­li­ty (EAE) …
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Stadtrat Fürstenfeldbruck beschliesst Satzung zum Vorkaufsrecht

July 2016: Town Council Unanimously Decides to Adopt New By-laws Regarding Pre-emptive Right

As ear­ly as in 2011, the town coun­cil deci­ded to adopt new pre-emptive right sta­tu­tes for the air base. Based …
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